• Bio 1

    • High purity B-tricalciumphosphate

    • Complete range adapted to specific indications

    • Ready to use as cancellous or cortico-cancellous bone augments

    Bio 1 | Life Medical
  • Bio 1-Kit

    • Pre-loaded vacuum sealed syringe

    • Simple way to combine bone marrow and Biosorb for bone grafting

    • Harvesting and mixing are done in complete aseptic conditions which preserves the coagulum until graft placement

    BIO 1-kit  | Life Medical
  • Bio 1-Quickset

    • Injectable self-hardening bone substitute

    • Bioabsorbable and osteoconductive material

    • Fast mixing and setting time

    • All-in-one pack / ready to use

    BIO 1-Quickset | Life Medical
  • BIO 1-S

    • Pre-filled syringe containing Tricalcium Phosphate

    • Designed for filling small volume cavities that are not subject to mechanical stresses

    • Used as cancellous bone to promote bone healing

    BIO 1-S | Life Medical